atelier giacometti


In the year 1906 Giovanni Giacometti had a barn and stable, dating from late 18th century, refurbished for the use as an atelier. This is located in Stampa, right next to the house where the family lived. Here he taught his son Alberto the techniques of his trade, and the latter used this atelier until his demise in 1966. 20 years later Bruno and Odette Giacometti, as well as Silvio Berthoud made a gift of the building to the Societa culturale di Bregaglia.

Thus the atelier, a sunlit space, more than four meters in height, is the only surviving atelier where father and son worked during their entire life.

Both have left numerous traces.

The atelier can be visited in the company of a guide, after arrangement with the museum. During opening hours, visits to the atelier are set at 15.00, after meeting in the entrance of the museum.

  • Couples on a walk in a paradisiacal Woodland (detail), painted by Giovanni Giacometti in oil directly onto the wooden walls around 1906. © Museo Ciaesa Granda, Stampa

  • The mountain lake "Laegh da Cam", likely painted by Cuno Amiet in 1896 in oil on canvas. © Museo Ciaesa Granda, Stampa

  • The Muse of the Sensuality, by Auguste de Niederhäusern, so-called Rodo, 1904, plaster. © Museo Ciaesa Granda, Stampa