Hania Rani

5 febbraio 2023

Atelier di Giovanni e Alberto Giacometti a Stampa
pianista Hania Rani
musica dal film “I Giacometti” di Susanna Fanzun

Director: Mateusz Miszczyński
DOP: Mateusz Miszczyński, Jakub Stoszek
Sound recording: Agata Dankowska
Mix and mastering: Greg Freeman
Driver and help: Maciej Pilarski

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atelier giacometti


In the year 1906 Giovanni Giacometti had a barn and stable, dating from late 18th century, refurbished for the use as an atelier. This is located in Stampa, right next to the house where the family lived. Here he taught his son Alberto the techniques of his trade, […]



The museum, an imposing structure dating from the 16th century, houses apart from many items relating the people and nature in the valley, a fine collection of works by the various local artists. The village of Stampa, small and even without a church […]

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Hunter-gatherers they were and left their flint tools by the remains of a fire in the Forno valley. There are settlements from the Bronze age onwards.Etruscans left inscriptions at Maloja and the Romans established residences in Soglio, Bondo, […]



This was assembled over many years and exhaustively explores the wealth of different minerals of the region. When a dam was constructed, numerous samples were drilled and extracted from the ground, samples of which now form part of the collection on view. […]

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