ciäsa granda

The Ciäsa Granda, today the Bergell ethnographic museum, was owned by the Società culturale. In 1952, the assembly decided to acquire the building in order to create a cultural centre. Since 2023, the museum is owned by the Foundation Museo Ciäsa Granda and Atelier Giacometti.

Built in the second half of the 16th century for Giovanni della Stampa, it retains a renaissance Hall, which to this day serves for meetings and lectures.

Works by the artists native to this valley can be admired. These are all members of the Giacometti family – Giovanni, the father of Alberto and Diego, as well as a cousin Augusto. In addition a very large painting by Willy Guggenheim (Varlin) is exhibited..

A great number of dioramas show the fauna that inhabites this valley. Other installations show the crafts practised in the past and the present.